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After followers on several large dating forums urged Chase Amante to launch his own site, he opened the doors to Girls Chase in 2008.

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Focused on simple, practical mindsets and strategies to use with women, Girls Chase has become the premiere men’s advice site online. Over the last decade-and-a-half, 57 million men have visited its pages. Millions of those men have transformed their lives with its material.

The crux of the Girls Chase method is the date. A man who can run an excellent date, Chase Amante says, is a man who can achieve almost anything he wants with girls.

With a great date in a man’s repertoire, talking to girls gets easy. Taking things to the next level post-rendezvous feels natural. Then, keeping women in his life – even chasing him – becomes ordinary.

“Everything comes down to that appointment with a girl,” Chase says. “It doesn’t matter how you meet her. If that’s through friends or you met at a bar or you met her online. Regardless how you met, you’ve got to take her out. If you can do that part well, the rest falls into place.”

Dedicated to helping men navigate the turbulent waters of modern romance, Girls Chase continues to publish new and cutting edge materials, strategy, and research.

“Nobody does it like Girls Chase,” our readers have said.

We agree. We’re grateful for the wonderful audience who’ve kept up with us for so many years. And we aim to continue bringing you the most effective, innovative romantic strategies and mindsets for many years to come.


Our Mission: Every Guy Good with Girls

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How many social ills can you trace to men frustrated at their lack of luck with women? Ancient Rome went to war with the Sabine tribe over women. Zaffar Khan led his army against the the kingdom of Sindh for the hand of a woman. The City of Troy was wiped off the map over a woman! And every day men wage small, personal battles due to quarrels over girls.

What’s worse: men who have relationships continue to encounter obstacles to the relationships they truly want due to how differently men and women think and communicate.

What if we could change all that? With education into female psychology, the way women work, what makes them TICK, and what to DO to achieve successful, rewarding romances.

How much better could we make the world? How much freer would men and women be to focus on what truly matters in life – when the romance side of things is fixed?

That’s why the Girls Chase mission is to get as many men good with girls as we can.

If we can make men confident with women… teach them to run awesome dates… to obtain the relationships they want… and keep those relationships STRONG… we can make the world a better place, starting at the root of what people truly want: to enjoy incredible relationships with incredible partners.


about Chase Amante

Chase Amante grew up a shy loner in the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA. After failing to improve his social skills any other way, he made a lasting resolution: I resolve to talk to girls until I learn how to flirt, talk, and get a girlfriend.

Chase Amante with two girlsOnce he began to treat his social and romantic skills as skills – abilities improvable through trial and error – his life rapidly changed. Soon he found himself enjoying connections, trysts, and flings with fetching women… and not long after enjoying beautiful, incredible girlfriends.

Chase’s new-and-improved social skills led to success for him in other areas, from business to friendship. “I’d convinced myself I didn’t need friends in my loner days,” he says. “Now I’ve got so many awesome friends it’s hard to believe I used not to.”

Chase has lived in Washington, D.C., San Diego, CA, and several places outside the US, and has visited 30 countries. The most startling discovery for him: how popular his material is worldwide. It isn’t just men in the US using Chase’s strategies to meet girls and run amazing dates. Men in almost every single country have visited Girls Chase, and men from 112 countries have become ecstatic Girls Chase clients.

“This material truly is universal,” Chase says. “Which is exactly what I want to give to guys: the best stuff to use with girls – stuff that works everywhere.”

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