8 Signs She'll Make a Great Girlfriend

If there’s a girl you’ve had your eye on (even just a bit), it pays to know ahead of time if she’d be a great girlfriend for you or not.

Some things you can’t know until you’ve gone out with her. Some you won’t know until you’re already seeing her a bit.

Yet, there’s a lot you can tell about what a relationship will be like from the way a girl treats you from the very early stages.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to eight (8) signs a girl will make an excellent girlfriend – that way you can decide right away if she’s someone worth pursuing.

girl smiling and brushing back hair as she walks past man

#1:  She Keeps Stealing Glances at You

Just one glance here or there tells you, “Hey, I’m interested. Look at me!”

But if she wants you gazing at her, it means she wants you chasing her… and it’s a safe bet she’s going to be a bit higher maintenance!

Yet if she’s a girl who keeps glancing at you again and again, it’s a sign she’s really feeling you.

Girls who are will do their fair share of the romantic lifting to ensure you two get together… then they’ll do their fair share of heavy lifting in the relationship, too.

man standing near two women seated near him at bar

#2: She Tries to Sit/Stand Near You

If she always just ‘happens’ to end up nearby you, that’s another sign she’s trying to be a part of your life.

It means she wants you to talk to her – and she wants you to ask her out.

Girls who make it more obvious for you like this also make things more obvious in relationships. Which means a lot less “reading between the lines” for you to have to do later on!


woman smiling and looking at man

#3: She Offers Her Aid When You Need Help

The name of the game in a great relationship is ‘teamwork’. A girl who’ll pitch in and help you when you need it is telling you she’s ready to be a part of Team You & Her.

That means it’ll be easier talking to her… easier setting up the rendezvous with her… easier to start a new relationship with her – and easier to keep it going, too.

Don’t overlook the little things women do to help you out.

Those little bits of assistance have big (and awesome!) implications.


woman looking interested as man points at tablet

#4: She Takes an Interest in What You Do

Ask any guy who’s had an incompatible relationship how important it is to have a partner who shares your interests. “It’s SUPER important!” he’ll say.

A woman who takes interest in what you do signals that she doesn’t just find your interests interesting, of course – she’s also telling you she finds you interesting!

We’re all more interested in that which interests those we like.

Not only will a girl who digs what you do make for a smoother relationship, but the courtship before you get her will go a lot smoother too.


woman intrigued by man talking in cafe

#5: She’s Always Willing to Lend an Ear

Just like a girl who digs what you do, one who always wants to listen to what you have to say shows you she values you.

She’s intrigued by you; she’s intrigued by what you have to say; and she views it as worthwhile enough to stop and listen to.

It’s a great sign of a healthy future relationship – and a fun romance, should you decide to pursue her.


woman texting man on phone

#6: She’s Fast to Message You Back

Everyone gets busy from time to time, and we all miss messages.

But a girl who puts you at the top of her priorities list will rarely do this with you, and will be just about religious about getting you a response when you message her. Toot suite, at that.

If you’re getting left on read or waiting to hear back for long stretches, that’s a sign things won’t be as easy with a girl. On the other hand if the girl you’re messaging always texts you back in a jiffy, it’s a strong sign she’s a keeper.


man and woman texting each other on phones

#7: She’s Happy However You Want to Talk

Want to send her 100 messages? She’s glad to keep messaging you back.

Feel like audio or video messages? She loves to get them and happily replies.

Tired of delayed communication and just want to video chat or call her? She’s thrilled and available for it.

When a girl is glad to talk to you however you want to talk to her, it tells you one thing: she just wants to talk to you, man!

She doesn’t care how. She just wants to be in touch with you.

And THAT is an excellent sign for your romantic prospects with her – both for getting the date and having the relationship.


man and woman in tent at camp site

#8: She’s Down for Almost Anything

Just like how a girl who’s happy to talk however you want to shows you she’s just really happy to talk to you, a girl who’s down for anything you want to do shows you she just wants to be with you.

If she’s cool with cafés, hikes, movies, ice cream runs, or just curling up at yours to watch whatever’s streaming, it’s a sign her priority isn’t the activity… it’s you.

And that’s a really good sign to see in a girl you want to date, and just as good a sign for how the relationship with her will likely go.


what next?

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