4 Things to Do When She Laughs

It’s always a great moment when a girl laughs with you.

You can just feel the energy in the air. It’s positively electric!

The trouble many guys have is failing to see her laughter for what it is: an opportunity and quite often a signal.

When women laugh, it’s much of the time because they like what a guy is saying… and a lot of the time it means they are attracted to him. This is not a moment you want to slip by!

In this article, I’ve outlined four (4) simple strategies for you to use the next time you’ve got a girl laughing, be that before you’ve gone out with her or out on the rendezvous itself.

Let’s go.


woman sipping drink smiling at man in cafe

Good Move #1: Smile with Her

Don’t be the guy who sits there with a wooden face while she giggles!

In my training on how to run amazing first dates, I teach the importance of making a girl see that you and her share similar attitudes. This is key for a bonded connection.

Well how do you think she’s going to feel if she’s snickering like mad while you sit there stony-faced? “I guess we don’t enjoy the same things,” she’ll say to herself.

You don’t need to burst into a mad fit of laughter every time she chuckles.

What you SHOULD do is make sure to smile, at least a bit, when she laughs… that way she knows you and her are syncing up.

woman laughing, seated next to man laughing with her

Good Move #2: Close Proximity

What do people do when they want to feel closer? They get closer — physically!

Women laugh at men’s jokes when they like those men. It doesn’t matter if the man is actually all that funny. As a friend who fared very well with women once said, “Women don’t like you because you make them laugh. You make them laugh because they like you.”

If she’s laughing at your jokes, take the opportunity to get a little closer to her.

You can either do that yourself: take a seat next to her, or scoot closer if you’re seated already… or you can invite her to do that with you: beckon her over, or even put your arm around and gently pull her in.

You’ll know from her reaction if this was indeed the right move! If she snuggles up to you or “melts into” the increased closeness, you’re doing something right.


man and woman holding hands

Good Move #3: Touch Her

Nothing crazy here. It’s not like you’re going to pick her up and sling her over your shoulder.

Well, you could, maybe, if she’s REALLY laughing hard and you’re at that point in the date!

Usually though you are just going to use some simple, basic touch, like:

  • Pat her lightly on the forearm
  • Poke her belly and roll your eyes
  • Squeeze her shoulder as you laugh too

Just  a quick, deliberate, confident touch that is over in a second or two, but sends a clear message: the two of us are bonding through laughter and touch.


man and woman walking down street close together talking and smiling

Good Move #4: Move It Forward

Our final good move: when a girl laughs, you want to take that moment to move things forward!

That might be something as simple as telling her your name if you’ve just met. Or you can take the chance to ask her out.

If you’re on the date, it could mean switching gears to ask something more personal about her.

If farther along, it might mean proposing the two of you change venues… go for a walk… or even head somewhere more private.

The point is that laughter is a high point. When a girl laughs, windows open up to move things forward with her.


bonus points: pay attention to her body language!

If she’s laughing, you’re halfway there.

Nevertheless, you still need to do the other half to make her yours!

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