Interested Body Language from Women (5 Pics)

How do you know if a girl is interested?

Her body language tells you so!

In this guide to reading women’s interested body language, we’ll take a look at five (5) different postures a woman can be in while with you and what each posture means.

Once you know what to look for, you’ll be a romantic mind reader – and won’t need to second guess the attraction of your date.


Women Use Posture to Signal Interest (So Do Men)

In a 1990 study, psychologist Karl Grammer of the University of Vienna seated pairs of university students who did not know each other nearby in a room… then excused himself for 10 minutes to “take an urgent phone call.”

Unbeknownst to each male-female pair, they were being watched and their body language recorded. At the end of the 10 minutes, Grammer returned and gave each of them a questionnaire. In it, he asked how much they thought the other partner liked them, how interested they were to see the other partner again, and how attractive they found the partner.

woman's hand filling out questionnaire

Then Grammer checked each pair’s interest levels against the body language they’d used in their 10 minutes alone – and this is what he found.

Neutral Body Language Looks Like This


Mutual Lack of Interest


Interested Man, Uninterested Woman


Interested Woman, Uninterested Man


Mutual Interest


she's interested? what to do

Okay, so you’ve read her body language, and you’re pretty sure she interested.

What do you do next? Well you have to talk to her and ask her out!

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