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Ryan H., North Carolina, USA
Since the start of your course, I have met countless women. But, most importantly, I have met my fiancée.

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Art W., Nashville, TN, USA
I Can't Believe It, She's Actually Alright Moving It Forward This Fast

I guess this counts as the first "One Date" success story for me so I figure I'd pay dues and post my findings.

The SAC stuff was entirely present in my mind this date. This was a Bumble/ Tinder date, we talked on the phone/ texted, had similarity but I let her find out my value out, which was key in my opinion.

Essentially my main takeaways were that I had to force myself to constantly reward with touch, get her to comply from small requests (like buying me a bottled water) to larger demands (let's get out of here for a sec), etc.

I chose the place to sit so I could feel comfortable touching her and making eye contact with her. Definitely had to have balls escalating on high notes like moving to the car to listen to her music, more touching in the car, she started resting her hand on my knee, I invited her to visit my home to see this fun video I made, and stayed quiet on the drive home.

I showed her something on my laptop in the kitchen, then pulled the video up and said "let's chill somewhere comfortable" and went to the bed, she laid down next to me, and we watched part of the video. In the video, I forgot I mentioned I went on a date on Valentine's Day and I closed it shortly after thinking "whoops," but it must have been pre-selection because she shortly made the move to kiss me.

She did mention she didn't want to go further but, yep, Chase called it, not true. Something I accidentally did... I turned the heat up, so I kinda had to take my shirt off, and I also asked if I could just say what I wanted to say, she agreed, I was like, I'm totally going to ___ you, she originally mentioned she never does that first date but eventually asked me to do it.

This girl was different and also was much younger and more adventurous. And I'm really chill and naturally real with her type so the skill involved was having my compliance, arousal, and logistics covered.

Hope that helps. Definitely was shocked every step along the way. All I could think of was, "Damn, Chase was right. Next step: Damn, Chase was right. Next step: Damn, Chase... I can't believe it, she's actually alright with moving it forward this fast."

Again, hope that helps... One Date is officially a success over here.

Matja Z.
Took My Game to a Whole New Level

I always had a problem with marketing myself - I am too laid back, reserved, humble, so I had problems getting girls on dates. The date and what follows afterwards was never my issue - my opening was not so great, but I was always got at closing. And then I got One Date and that was the next milestone. It took my game to a whole new level. I fixed my opening and now I specialise in targeted approaching or sniper game. Now, thanks to this course, I am able to recognize at a glance, which girls are into me and which are not, and if I approach a green light I will often succeed.

Another fun fact - this year I managed to land my special girl that got me on this journey. I already got her phone number three years ago, but she wouldn't go on a date with me back then. Then she saw me on a date this year with a cute girl and that was all that was needed to reignite her passion. She messaged me and after a couple of texts I asked her out and followed my process which resulted in a casual relationship. It turned out that she is not that special three years down the road. I still do day game and my life is richer and fuller because of the articles on girlschase and from One Date.

My review is proof that this material works like a charm - you just have to work hard and get the results!

Jordan O., Kentucky, USA
Girls Suddenly Were All Over Me

I discovered GC when I was in my mid twenties. At the time I had never even had a girlfriend.

Since implementing Chase's material I have transformed into a new person. My fundamentals have improved drastically, I am a much more attractive man, I am more confident, and I am no longer socially awkward. In fact people always tell me how cool I am now, which still surprises me.

Before GC girls wanted nothing to do with me. Once I began using the SAC model and improving my fundamentals girls suddenly were all over me. Since then I have had some amazing relationships and romantic experiences with women. In fact, and I never thought this would be the case, I have been turning girls down recently because I didn't think they were a good fit in my life.

Chase's material is truly life changing! Not only will you improve with women, but you will become a better man.

Zach L., Atlanta, GA, USA
Chase's Stuff Is Blowing the Competition Out of the Water. Seriously

This content changed my life. I wasn't a complete novice at picking up women, but I was not at a place where I was doing consistently well with women either. I browsed around and applied dozens of other established PUA methods to little success.

It wasn't until I began using Girls Chase stuff that I saw my attitude towards women and life in general completely change. One big principal from One Date that really helped was the law of least effort. Now I am a really happy place w/ my self as a person and with women. Chase's stuff is blowing the completion out the water. Seriously.

Andy C., Utrecht, The Netherlands
They All Wanted Me to Be Their Boyfriend

When One Date was first released, I immediately purchased it.

This is in my opinion hands down the most complete system to get girls consistently anywhere in the world. Thanks to One Date, I found my girlfriend.

Before I purchased One Date, I was doing okay with girls. I had already been a Girls Chase reader for a few years. Articles from Chase and his team helped improve my game a lot. The website contains everything you need to know to pick up girls. But it can be overwhelming for beginners. You don't know where to start.

With One Date everything is taken care of. There is a clear structure with videos and ebooks on how to improve with girls. You can see Chase and Hector in action and telling you what to do. If you follow the system and you work hard and do the assignments, you could get a girlfriend in a few months.

What really helped me was the SAC model. It's a model that teaches you how to set up a good first date and how to convert her to a girlfriend. This model is so easy to understand and use. It eased my mind and helped me plan out my dates.

You can have all the knowledge you know about pickup. Read tons of books on attraction. But when it comes to the first date with a hot girl in real life, you won't remember everything or apply most of what you know anyway. One Date is simple, easy to grasp and apply. Of course you still need to work hard and practice a lot. With this system you can trust it has everything you need to know on how to get girls.

This year was the year I wanted a girlfriend. Lucky for me One Date was just released. I started applying the stuff I learned immediately. I did the assignments as well. When you purchase One Date, you will be allowed to join an Alumni Forum. You can post your progress there and even ask questions to other fellow alumni or the Girls Chase team.

So I went learning this stuff. Worked on my fundamentals, structured my dates. It was time to approach girls. I met girls on the bus, street, library, university campus and in the club. Some went good, some went bad. Eventually I went on 4 dates with girls I considered girlfriend material. This all happened in 2 months. With 1 girl it didn't work out, but I still had the other 3 girls. They all wanted me to be their boyfriend. I finally decided which one I wanted to commit to. That girl I'm still seeing now. We're still in a happy relationship.

So if you want to get better with girls or you just want to find a girlfriend. This product will help you and you can do that in just one date.

Sheba C., Houston, TX, USA
Nothing Even Comes Close to Girls Chase

I've looked at a lot of 'seduction' material over the years and nothing even comes close to GirlsChase. A lot of teachers have complicated methods and strategies but GirlsChase is pretty straight forward.

The articles are easy to read, follow, and implement. The courses are as in-depth as anything you could find elsewhere. And Chase is a really likable guy who cares as much about your success as he does his own.

I have a long way to go to get my dating life completely handled, but since finding GirlsChase my personality and behavior have changed and the people around me have noticed a big difference in the man I was before and the man I am now.

Suliman T., Kenya
Understanding, Style, And Concrete Mindsets That Will Last A Lifetime

I'm a 26 year old guy who wanted to get good with girls and this website started me off with the first article I read 'What Women Want' back in 2013.

I was good with women, but I wanted to understand women more psychologically. I had been with about 10 women before Girls Chase, but I had weight issues that hindered me from getting into commitments with women.

I improved my fundamentals and suddenly girls were checking me out left and right. I got How to Make Girls Chase, then How to Text Girls, then One Date, and they've all helped tremendously, from understanding women's minds, my style, relationships, and concrete mindsets that will last with me for a lifetime.

Roman, Paris, France
She Was So Out Of My League... And Then I Made Her Mind

I'm 20. Used to be what is now known as a simp. I was unattractive, clueless, bitter after getting rejected by cute girls who liked me at first, but then changed their minds quickly as they got to know me a little better.

Discovered Girlschase at a very low point. Suddenly my eyes were opened. I started to make myself more attractive, and to work on my game. Suddenly I knew what I was doing, girls were paying attention, I was escalating courtships further and further.

And then I got my first girlfriend, a super attractive girl I could have never even dreamt about. I actually met this girl for the first time when I was still a simp. She was so out of my league I never even considered pursuing her at the time. And then, after a year of self-improvement, I made her mine.

Things didn't work out in the end for reasons outside our control, but I very quickly got another girlfriend, an even better, hotter one. We've been together almost 2 years. All the advice on how to run a strong relationship has been helping me tremendously.

Eventually, we'll part ways, and I'll start my bachelor years. I have Chase with me this time, so I'll be unstoppable ;)

Tyler S., New York City, NY, USA
Around 25-30 New Girls Since I Purchased One Date

My success with woman not just increased with numbers but also the quality. I've been with some really hot girls. Around 25-30 new girls since I purchased One Date (about 2.5 years ago). Also, let me just say Chase Amante is the man! The first time I bumped into the website I was so hooked. The subjects the he writes about and the way he present them with sources to prove his points is just incredible. I can say that it changed my life. Thank you so much for everything you're doing!

James L., Edinburgh, UK
A Girl Even Walked Up To Me And Gave Me Her Phone Number!

I'm a college-aged guy who found this site a few years ago. I started to try out some of the material, focussing on fundamentals and conversational skills. After a few months, I found I could interest girls much easier - a girl even walked up to me and gave me her phone number! I then bought One Date and found the SAC model very useful, especially how you could tailor it to the girl. Since then I think I've been together with fifteen new women and had two girlfriends. This material is really ground-breaking: it's simple but so effective.

CJ A., Colorado Springs, CO, USA
The Stuff Chase And His Team Teach Works

I'm a 22 year old guy. All the way up until high school, I had girls who liked me, teased me, touched me, joked with me, talk risqué topics with me, and showed obvious interest in me. Some girls even asked me out! But I was too afraid to ask a girl out or talk to them if they were attractive or if I had a crush on them.

Then I had my first girlfriend in high school and had my first serious 2 year relationship. We talked and did things and I thought that was all there was to dating. Then I went into college, had a very hard first year, and realized how behind I was socially and romantically from everyone else.

Then I found Girls Chase and since then I've met hundreds of women, gotten over 200 phone numbers, improved my social life to now include multiple social circles, and had many more experiences.

I now have a regular casual partner, no approach anxiety (or very minimal), and know I can approach and talk to any women easily. I'm much more confident in myself - and I can say with extreme confidence and a backing of experience - the stuff Chase and his team teaches works. No doubt in my mind your life will change. I see the world much more different than I used to even a few years ago.

Nevil K., Los Angeles, CA, USA
I Have Tripled My Girl Count... Saved Years Of Experimentation

I am a 33 year old guy and have been studying seduction for a few years, but had never found material as comprehensive as Girls Chase. I was decent with girls before, but never really knew why what I was doing worked or did not work.

Girls Chase served as a catalyst for my understanding of seduction, first with the ebook and then through One Date.

Watching the videos really helped drive the material home and I loved how all the information was directly out of psychology literature.

Since then, consistency in dating is no longer a problem for me, and having the SAC model in the back of my mind gives me a guide as to where exactly I need to take the conversation and vibe. I have tripled my girl count since I first stumbled upon Girls Chase and know that it would have taken me a lot longer to figure all this out for myself.

I feel as if I have saved years of experimentation and have gotten the stuff that really works. I could not recommend Girls Chase enough.

Marvin R., München, Germany
I Bought One Date And Saw Where My Sticking Points Were

I'm a 20-year-old guy who was too shy and passive to interact with girls showing him huge signs of interest. Then one day while I was searching for "signs showing that a girl likes you" on Google I came across the Girls Chase website, and began reading articles after articles.

The articles about mindsets and fundamentals were the most helpful for me at the time. Then after many months of 'only reading' I summoned all the courage I had and tried to do my first cold approach.

It was pathetic but also a huge improvement for me at the time. Then slowly I cold approached more women, started to get a few numbers but still had no results.

Then I bought the One Date program and saw where were my sticking points (texting and moving faster). This helped me immensely and now after 20+ dates and some great romantic encounters with women I am currently in a longterm relationship with a cutie ;) So there is no doubt I am infinitely grateful for all this knowledge you guys (Chase, Hector, Tony,...) provided.

David O., Englewood, NJ, USA
I Got My First Girlfriend Following The Course

i got my first girlfriend and success after following the course from chase. I was really inexperienced but the course prevented me from making mistakes and provided me with a framework to approach women, interact with women, to lead it into the bedroom, and then to keep her as a girlfriend. so without the course i wouldn’t have gotten that milestone.

I’m still a beginner in seduction and have been working on my financials so i can move to a better city and improving my seduction in the future.

the course is expensive, but i recommend it. you should really try it out, get your voice product and get see what the material is like. My words really can’t do it justice.

my dating coach actually recommend girls chase articles to me and then i found one date and bought it.

all the chapters are important and every one adds immense value.

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