3 Things to Prepare Before Your Next Date with a Girl

The date is the most important part of how you romance any woman.

If you can run a good rendezvous, it’s easy to be confident with girls because you know you have value.

A good date makes it straightforward to get girlfriends and flings too… because after an awesome time together, girls want to keep spending time with you.

Get the date right and everything else you do with girls becomes elementary. Get it wrong and, well, let’s just say I hope you like playing solitaire!

To help you make your next amorous appointment a success, here are the three (3) most IMPORTANT things you must prepare ahead of time.

Do these first, and you dramatically raise the odds of an explosively successful date.


#1: The Date Plan

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Where will you go? What will you do?

The unprepared guy strategy is to “wing it.” This leaves unprepared guys running poorly planned outings that often fail to connect.

Now, veteran wooers have tried and tested itineraries they take their paramours-to-be on: meet here, walk there, stop for tea at this place, get some fresh air that place, and so on.

If you’re not a seasoned ladies man, however, or you can’t use your usual plan, that’s no help to you.

So how do you go from “winging it on a hope and a prayer” to “surefire intimacy itinerary” when you don’t have that experience – or that game plan – yet?

The way to do it is to sit down and spend 30 minutes thinking about WHERE you want to take her, WHAT you will do with her, and what you’ll do next after THAT.

It’s a bit like doing homework. Nobody likes doing homework, BUT… the kids who do their homework do a lot better in school, don’t they? So too with your romantic planning. Do your homework, and you will run superior dates (not to mention ones girls enjoy much, much more!).

Make sure you include somewhere you can sit and talk without too much noise or interruption. The point of getting together is to get to know one another, and to do that you must TALK.

Your plan need not be a rigid schedule. In fact, it’s better to leave a little flexibility in it. But you DO want to map things out.

Another tip: try to meet up a little ways away from the first venue you’ll head to. Walking to that first place together before you enter and grab seats just makes it feel as though the two of you have “done more” together, which helps further the bond.

It takes a little time – that extra 30 minutes – to create a good plan, but it’s totally worth it.

Once you’re out and about with her, solid plan in-hand, you’ll be grateful to yourself you put that time in.

#2: Date Logistics

man and woman looking at map and poinging

The plan is actually only half the homework you’re going to do.

If you don’t like homework, sorry to disappoint you. But we’re in the business of MAXIMIZING the chance your dates go well… after all, the date is the most important part.

After you come up with your plan, you also need to work out your logistics.

This includes:

  • Which route you’ll take from meet spot to venue #1.
  • Backup plans in case she dislikes a venue you propose.
  • How you’ll move from one venue to the next.
  • How to order the venues you’ll visit with her.


Let’s look at an example.

Say you’re meeting a girl downtown. You plan to walk with her to a nice little café, get to know her for 45-60 minutes, then take her for a walk around downtown, visiting some parks with trees and fountains.

If things go well, you may want to invite her to your place. But if your walk from the café takes you to a park on the opposite side of town from where you live, that’s a problem!

The logistics planning phase is
when you sort ALL this out:

Where you’ll meet her, where you’ll go from there, where next, all the way back to how you end up near to where you live, so if the date is going WELL (and let’s hope it goes well!) you don’t need to convince her to travel 20 minutes just to curl up on your couch with you.

Instead, ideally, you structure your logistics such that you happen to end up very close to your home toward the tail end of your outing plan.

Logistics, like planning, might feel a bit “dry.”

But hey, guess what? This dry stuff you do in advance is what separates the guys who bumble around on dates they didn’t plan out… from guys who come in with a plan in-hand, who know their logistics, and who free themselves to focus on THE GIRL without having to stress the small stuff.

#3: Your Place

man cleaning bathroom mirror at home

Even if you only plan to go out for a quick cup of Joe, regardless:

Ready your place!

A visit to the ice cream parlor can turn into a tryst in your living room when you least expect it. If you really hit it off with this girl you’re meeting up with, do you really want to tell her “No, you can’t come over” because you forgot to tidy up?

It doesn’t take much to get your place ready for an unexpected (or expected) female visitor. The main things are:

  • Throw your dirty laundry in the hamper.
  • Clean any dirty dishes in the sink (or place in the dishwasher).
  • Make your bed (change sheets if dirty or use a bed brush).
  • Sweep the floor real quick or vacuum.
  • Most important of all: clean your bathroom!


The bathroom is the #1 place women lose desire to stick around if it isn’t clean. Clean the sink, toilet, shower, and floor, and you’re good to go there.

Make sure you have something you can invite her in for, too: a glass of wine, some nice cheeses, or a luxurious chocolate set from Belgium or Switzerland all work wonders.

When your rendezvous goes well, and you follow your plan and logistics and end up right outside your place, and invite her in and she says “Yes”, you will be very, very glad you got your place set to go!



Is this more prep work than most guys will do for their outings with girls?


Will this net you MORE SUCCESS on dates than most men will ever enjoy?

Also yes!

Once you’ve got it all planned out, and your logistics sorted, you can reuse the same plans and logistics again and again for subsequent paramours, too.


Prepare these three (3) things before your next rendezvous, and you’ll stand a far higher chance things go very, very well with her.

Your Friend,

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