3 Things A Girl Needs To Become Your Girlfriend

A reader asks

I have no problem talking to girls. But I struggle to build a connection with them that actually leads somewhere. What do you have to do to get a girl to be your girlfriend?

- Hopeless Romantic

what a girl needs to become your girlfriend

This is an amazingly common issue for guys.

The fact is, women aren't always straightforward. They don't always make it obvious for you what to do with them next.

Guys everywhere run into this same obstacle. She's friendly with you and she seems to like you... yet you can't figure out what to do with her next to move things towards a relationship.

You've no doubt heard all the common advice a million times. Just be yourself. Follow your heart. Take it slow. If it's meant to be it'll be.

That stuff sounds great... uplifting, even! However... what do you actually have to do?

Those nice platitudes do not tell you.

What I've found a lot of guys needs is not nice platitudes. Instead, what they need is easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Because once you have a reliable 'romantic roadmap' to follow, the fog vanishes.

And all that stuff about what to do with her, or where to take her next, clears up.

It all starts to seem simple and doable.

To help get you going in the right direction, I'm going to show you three (3) things that every girl needs (in different amounts) to become ready to be your girlfriend.

#1: The Right Connection


#2: Enough Excitement


#3: A Little Leadership


Tie It All Together

To simplify the "get together" process as much as possible, I boiled everything it takes to get a girl to be your girlfriend down to just one simple first experience (or 'date'). Because if you can give a girl the right experience, with the romantic elements that she herself desires, you can make her want to be yours surprisingly quick.


Things she needs to become
your girlfriend





Most of the couples you probably know didn't spend months or years courting. They met each other, the guy said and did the right things, and they got together... fast.

And that's all this system does for you. It takes the three (3) key things successful guys do when they get together with a new girlfriend fast... and it shows you how to use them yourself.

I spent years studying under some of the most brilliant, prolific daters in the world... and I read thousands of scientific studies to isolate these specific elements so I could use them myself and later teach them.

Since then, I have given this system to thousands of guys via the world's most popular romantic advice website for men. And let me just tell you, this system blows away any other approach you've seen to get the girl.

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