How to Ask Out a Girl (4 Steps to Get the "Yes")

A reader asks

Hey I got a question. I've been reading all your stuff and it's awesome but now I'm just getting back to school. I want to use all these great tips I got from you. But every time I see a girl I want to talk to I just freeze up. The main reason it happens is I just don't know what to do. Can you talk about how to ask a girl out without turning into a statue?

Annoyingly Frozen

what a girl needs to become your girlfriend

Yeah, that's a crummy feeling.

There's little as potentially nerve-wracking as asking out a girl... whether she's from work, school, a friend group, the coffee shop, or anywhere else.

The pressure goes on, and your stomach ties itself into a knot.

On the face of it, hesitating to ask a girl out seems silly. After all, girls are just girls!.

They're not lions who might bite your arm off. They're not robbers who may cut you with a knife. They're just girls.

Yet that doesn't stop the heart pounding, the adrenal glands going into overdrive, and the body breaking out in a cold sweat at the very thought of asking them out.

However, there are guys who don't deal with this.

They see a girl they like, and they just go talk to her, say what they need to, and ask her out. And they get a "Yes!"

What do these guys do that's different from other men? Actually not much.

Step #1: Make It Casual


Step #2: Ask Her on a High Note


Step #3: Get Her Schedule First


Step #4: Take Her Info After the Ask


Once She's Asked Out, Take Her
on THIS One Date

Ask one date 

Once you've asked her out, you've cleared the first major hurdle.
She's going out with you. Awesome work!
Now... how do you actually get this girl as yours?
Just because she's coming out to see you now doesn't guarantee you a home run.
There are a million things that can go wrong after you meet up with her... and they often will.

  • She's late to meet you...
  • Or she meets up with you, however she's 'cooled off' a lot compared to when you last talked...
  • Sometimes you start to talk to a girl, yet you just can't connect on anything...
  • The conversation runs in awkward circle after awkward circle...
  • Or you try to flirt; nevertheless, everything you try is a miss...

Any one of these sucks!
I went through it before I had this part of my life handled. These things are problems for many guys.
Most guys won't just have to deal with one hazard, either. Instead they run into a bunch of hazards (some smaller, some not so small) with each girl they take out.

I'll tell you what I do: I use something that I call the 'One Date'...
One Date is a method I devised to solve exactly this problem.
It allows you to create for a woman her perfect romantic liaison.
And not just perfect conversation-wise. Connection, flirtation, even the motions you take her through while with her: how you lead, where you lead her to... how you get her 'bought in'.

To do this, the One Date System introduces you to three (3) 'romantic elements' she needs to get together with a man. Each woman needs one element more than the other two... and the System shows you how to figure out which a girl needs, then arms you with simple-but-powerful ways to give her it.

Use this system, and you can make a girl your girlfriend in just one simple date.

I even show you my unique method to make asking girls out in a casual way a complete breeze... and, inside One Date, I show you the most effective way I know to create a high note. High notes let you enormously raise the odds she says "yes" when you ask her out!

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