The Ghosting Fix - 4 Ways to Make Girls EXCITED About You

A reader asks

I feel like you could call me Casper cause girls ghost me so much. How do I get them to stop doing that? We could be texting each day or even hanging out. Then one day poof they’re gone.

Haunted Guy

Ghosting seems like a huge breach in etiquette, doesn’t it?

You’ve got this person you talk to. Even hang out with.

Someone you’re developing a connection with.

Then suddenly you’re filling out a missing person’s report for her (or it feels like you should).

It’s a weird phenomenon enabled by our digital society.

Society’s so disconnected these days that there’s no consequence for it. It’s not like the 1950s, where the guys talk and Nancy gets a reputation because she ups and quits seeing a guy with no explanation.

In the 2020s, most of the guys Madison hangs out with have never even met her.

How do you deal with ghosting in a society without the “glue”?

Below, I’ll share with you four (4) secrets the best ‘ghost busters’ use to keep girls excited to meet and message them... and avoid having to reminisce on the spirits of “girlfriends past.”

#1: Make a Strong Impression


#2: Text Simple First, Then Adjust


#3: Use Calls / Voice Messages / Video Messages


#4: Focus on In-Person Meets


The Ultimate Anti-Ghosting Tactic


Get her to be your girlfriend.

Makes sense, right?

Girls ghost on guys they don’t have obligations to.

If she’s your girlfriend, she won’t do that. She’s yours.

So how do you pull that off?

I spent 10 years and thousands of hours refining a system to let me turn a woman I wanted into a girlfriend in just one (1) simple date.

I did it because I’m an efficiency nut.

Also because I had a lot of first dates that didn’t lead to second dates. Even if it seemed like things went well on Date #1... sometimes the second date never materialized for reasons no one could figure out.

I said to myself, “There’s got to be a way to get the girl on the first date, so I don’t have to deal with all this second date flakiness.”

After plenty of dating experience and a lot of careful study, I realized every successful date I had included three parts.

So, I put all three parts together, and started calling them my “One Date System.”

How It Works

To make a girl your girlfriend in only one date, you must give her the kind of date she needs.

That’s not as hard as it sounds.

This is because every girl is, in essence, looking for one of three different things:

Figure out the one she needs, then follow the simple One Date method to give her it... and she’ll feel there’s a “spark” and “so much chemistry” between you and her.

How do you figure out her date needs?

I’ve discovered a dead-simple 30-second “ping” system you can use to have a woman tell you which of the 3 parts she needs.

Imagine for a moment what it’d be like to notice a girl on your way to work or school... or maybe at the gym or coffee shop... and know what to say to have her spill her guts about what makes HER tick within the first 30 seconds.

Then imagine being able to whisk this girl onto a date perfect for her, that leads to you and her together by the end of it.

Watch the video below, and I’ll show you how to do this (including that 30-second “ping” that gets her to tell you what she wants):

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