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A reader writes in

What do I do with girls who stop texting me back? Sometimes I’ll be texting with a girl and it’s going great until she stops texting. I can’t tell why because I didn’t do anything wrong. She just leaves me on read without texting back. What do I do?

- Mr. Textless

It’s always mystifying, no?

The conversation’s good. She’s into it:

hen she’s gone.

You wait, thinking she’ll reply.

Except she doesn’t.

Maybe something happened. She had to rush to class, or her boss gave her something. Maybe she realized she was late meeting her girlfriends.

Yet hours tick by, and still, no reply.

She just doesn’t text you back.

That leaves you in a pickle.

Well today, here's a wake-up call for you:

We're going to get you off the apps... and out meeting women in the real world.

Her Not Texting Back is a “Double Bind”

hat’s because if you send more messages she ignores, well that’s not so good.

Even still, if you send her nothing, you might never hear back from her again.

This “double bind” sinks many men.

However, it needn’t sink you.

Below, I share six (6) of my best “get a response back” texting tips.

I’ve used these to get texts back for years.

I’ve taught them to lots of guys, who’ve reported loads of victories.

We know they work. And they’ll likely work for you. Let’s begin…

1#: Wait


If you text too soon, before she can reply, you risk disrupting your dynamic with her.

So the first order of business is to wait.

Don’t panic.

Don’t act too soon.

Give her at least four hours before you follow up.

If you have the patience to wait a day or two, even better.

#2: Text Something Unrelated 1-2 Days Later


You: All right, we’re doing it. When’re you free for a pumpernickel scouting expedition?

Her: [no response]

Then you should NOT send her something 1-2 days later that looks like this:

You: So what’s the status on that pumpernickel expedition we were going to go on? Yay or nay?

NOR like this:

You: I’ve been watching videos about pumpernickel and now I’m even more intrigued

You don’t want to return to something she’s disinterested in.

Instead, send her something unrelated, like this:

You: My cat just swallowed a june bug. Do you think he needs to see the vet?

Something different to reboot the conversation and get the good vibes flowing again.

#3: Try a Phone Call


#4: Have You Asked Her Out?


#5: Switch to a Social Invite


#6: Try the "2-Week Reset"


Stop Putting Out Texting “Fires”
& Start Getting Girls Chasing You Down
Over Messages

All these tactics help you with a specific "texting fire":

Girl Text

This is one of many DIFFERENT texting fires you can face:

No matter how good you get at putting out fires, you’ll never put them all out.

You’ll lose girls you should’ve gotten, all due to these.

What if I told you that most texting fires are caused by texting mistakes?

That just like you can learn tactics to extinguish the fires, you can also learn to do things right, from the beginning?

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